About Us

Territorial disputes across borders create martyrs of duty conscious soldiers. What then happens to his innocent wife and children?

Vasantharatna Foundation was set up by Bharatnatyam dancer, Subhashini Vasanth, in the memory of her husband, Col Vasanth Venugopal, who was awarded the Ashok Chakra (Posthumous) in 2008 for his selfless, supreme sacrifice while fighting terrorists in Jammu & Kashmir.

The Foundation was started to reach out to families in the same situation and to create a support system for the well-being of families of Jawans martyred in the service of the nation. With the help of our dedicated team and the general public, we have been growing and supporting more families in Karnataka since 2008.


Where does she start?

She has to learn to balance her immense grief for the irreplaceable loss and yet be proud of his single minded sense of duty.

What does she do?

She has to stay strong for her young kids, elderly parents and in laws. She has to brave the social ostracisation and find herself again.

Who is her support? Whom can she trust?

She can trust a group of women who have been through the same situation and have created a support system.

Why are we doing this?

While the Army and the Government are providing support to an extent, many women have not been able to avail this help for numerous reason ranging from inability to fill up forms to not even being aware that help exists!

In addition to making martyrs' wives aware of their right to benefits, we give sustained support so that they never feel abandoned. We fill them strength and empower them to lead a fulfilling life.

At present we are in the process of expanding outside Karnataka to cover all of India.


Empowering Martyr Families

The wife of a martyr is proud of her husband. We help her feel proud of herself.



To work with the families of martyrs to enrich their lives, and to empower them to build a better future for themselves.

To change social perceptions about wives of martyrs, so that they find their self worth, and reach a stage where they can help others.

To bridge the gap between Government policies and the people in need of those policies, and enable them to claim their rights with dignity.