Education Scholarship

One of the biggest concerns for a single mother is ensuring that the child's education is not interrupted after the martyrdom of the father. We have initiated 2 schemes to support the mother in this endeavour.

School Scholarship: We provide support for filing the reimbursement papers with the Defence. Apart from this, we put a fixed deposit of Rs 30,000/- in each child's name. The interest is received every year and when the child turns 18, they get the entire amount, which can then be used towards their graduation.

Masters Scholarship:The Defence and Central Government supports a child only till they graduate. We decided to support the children as well as the veer naaris by providing scholarships to those wanting to pursue a masters program. The scholarship amount is based on qualification criteria setup by VRF.

Education Scholarship

Self-Discovery Program

She is so much more than a martyr's wife. She deserves so much more than our pity. She deserves to life a full life, discover her true potential and make the lives of her loved ones brighter. She need not be a burden to anyone. She can stand on her own feet, and help others do the same.

Salma Ghori, member of the executive committee at VRFA is a shining example of our Self-discovery program. Shy to the point of being an introvert, Salma discovered her true potential at VRFA and is now an inspirational trainer, helping others like her emerge from the darkness and shine for themselves, and for their loved ones.

Gift - A - Birthday

We at VRF feel that it is important to acknowledge the martyr families during these times to thank them for their sacrifice and to let them know that they are special. We send birthday gifts to the wives and children of the martyrs.

Gift - A - Birthday

Salute to Heroes

VRFA started as a platform for Arts, but has gone beyond, exploring every avenue to empower families of martyrs. We do however, keep the art alive.

Our first programme was The Silent Front, a play that was jointly envisioned by Vasanth and Subhashini. Tragically, Col Vasanth was martyred while the writing of the play was in progress.

Salute to Heroes

Memmorial Awards

Vasantharatna Foundation has taken the initiative to spread awareness of our martyrs amongst the younger generation and encourage them to be better citizens of the country. Towards this, the foundation has instituted awards for students which will push them towards excellence. The awards have been instituted in the Alma Mater's of some of our Martyrs, beginning with Col Vasanth. The foundation has also helped other martyr families institute similar awards in the respective institutions that they passed out from.

Through the Memorial Award, the foundation hopes to recognise excellence in leadership amongst college students and to honour the sacrifice of martyrs and commemorate their service to the motherland.

"Col Vasanth, AC, Memorial Award for Excellence in Leadership" to honour and motivate the best High School students. The Award is distributed on 25th November, at Christian High School, Udupi.

Award Winners

2013 - Master Sachin Kumar and Ashwini

"Col.Vasanth, AC Memorial Award" to honour and motivate the best NCC cadets in M.E.S. Degree College, Bangalore for their discipline, dedication and high standard of integrity. The Award is distributed at the MES Degree College, Bangalore on 15th August, as part of their Independence Day celebrations.

"Maj Shafeeq Ghori Award for Excellence in Journalism" is presented to a final year student graduating from the Department of Journalism at Maharaja's College, Mysore.

Memorial Awards